Scenography for circular pop-up museum Muce – Muses United for Circular Economy MUCE found itself to be the first pop-up museum drawing the attention to the existence of Circular Economy and Climate Change. The museum as a space where different companies, artists, citizens and knowledge institutions came together to dialogue and collaborate. Showing the importance,… Continue reading Muce

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GATE15 Magazine

    GATE15, ’10 Jaar Studenten Stad’ Design, lay-out and art-works for GATE15 ’10th anniversary’ magazine. GATE15 is a branch of the non-profit association Antwerpen Studentenstad. A group of enthusiastic people serving students life in Antwerp in every possible way. For the celebration of their 10th anniversary we decided to make an aspirational magazine, accompanied… Continue reading GATE15 Magazine

Fine Drinking Magazine

                Illustrations for ‘Fine Drinking Magazine’ Proud to have been part of the ‘Fine Drinking Magazine’, December 2017 edition. ‘Fine Drinking magazine’ is a magazine founded by Thanos Prunarus. Who is also the founder and bartender at Baba Au Rum bar in Athens and founder of the Athens… Continue reading Fine Drinking Magazine

Heat. Supply

HEAT.SUPPLY Online sneaker platform Heat.Supply is an online based sneaker platform founded by Tim Liu. “Throughout the years we have hands-on experience in selling and buying online, which could be unfortunatly quite a hassle sometimes. That is why we make it our mission to deliver a service that would be easy and convenient for buyer… Continue reading Heat. Supply

Gate15 – Introduction folder

Gate15 – Introduction folder For the new location of GATE15, the team asked me to make an informational folder to guide new visitors through their new building. We had this idea to give it some kind of an ‘airplane safety construction card’ look. Using a flexible, water resistant paper, working with icons and  ‘safety construction grid’.… Continue reading Gate15 – Introduction folder

Mythologie T-shirt

Mythology t-shirt design for tjunk

Mythologie T-shirt T-shirt design through Tjunk. With as caption: “…L’equivalent n’apparait nulle part dans la mythologie.” Now available online at! _ The t-shirt is available both for boys as for girls in different sizes. Price € 18 Classic Jersey T-shirt 100% combed cotton Jersey 150g. / 4.5 oz. Shop and information online at:


Slice Logo design for ‘Slice’, Social media agency, founded by Tim Thomaes Visit Slice online:

student guide, Antwerp, 2014-2015

Student guide, Antwerp 2014-2015 “The new edition of the unsurpassed Student Guide Antwerp is calling your name at our new place, Gate15. All the known ingredients and more: not-to-be-missed hotspots, fun neighbourhoods, new cafes & shops, culture for less than EUR 1.5, sports at student-friendly prices, a practical city map,… Published for and by students.”_Gate15… Continue reading student guide, Antwerp, 2014-2015

Business cards for Lee and Wrangler outlets

Business cards for Lee and Wrangler outlets For the Lee and Wangler outlet stores, Mieke Fassart (from Vf Europe) and I, came up with some nice ideas for a card design. We managed to highlight both brand identities by bringing the right elements together: The appropriate color, working with a rough cardboard paper and by… Continue reading Business cards for Lee and Wrangler outlets


Laston & Geo - DJ's

Laston&Geo Logo design for Laston&Geo, two talented dj’s and friends located at Antwerp. The idea of the logo is based on the stereo- ‘pause’, ‘play’ and ‘record’ buttons, combined with with a loose and modern handwritten font logo. “They shared decks with deejays like Laidback Luke, Dada Life, Sound Of Stereo, The Glimmers,  The Subs, Discobar Galaxie, Geht’s Noch?, Aeroplane,… Continue reading Laston&Geo

FALA Spring/Summer Collection 2014

Below The courtyard The inspiration for the new collection finds its origin in ancient greek motifs who are harmoniously combined with abstract sportive elements. The detailed prints are radiating a strong cultural and historical influence. The result is a flexible and individual luxury accessory, full of passion and energy. Jersy Modal: 15% silk and 75% modal Measurements: 165 cm x 145 cm.… Continue reading FALA Spring/Summer Collection 2014


Soekmekaar / Catering Art direction and creative design and lay-out for Soekmekaar Logo in cooperation With Lien Kockelbergh, Founder of Soekmekaar Copywriting by Liesbeth Vermaercke Photography by Eefje De Coninck Webdesign and development by Jules Hugal _ Visit website:

Behind the pictures

Behind The Pictures Understanding Private Development Initiatives by Sara Kinsbergen Art Directing, concept and lay-out for book thesis of Sara Kinsbergen. Pictures used in the book were made by Sara. _ Synopsis: From celebrities to multinational companies, from large charitable organisations to individual citizens, a diversified number of actors wants to contribute to the global… Continue reading Behind the pictures


TINCO Creative design, logo development and corporate identity. Tinco consists out of a dynamic team of driven experts offering customized training, coaching and change-guidance to individuals, KMO’s and large companies. Many thanks to Tinco for the pleasant cooperation. _ Website by Krisof Konings


TAPAS CITY House style/ corporate identity _ TAPAS ™ – which stands for Talent & Passion, is an organization which recognizes and gives space to develop ‘young’ talented and passionate employees within organizations and companies. _ Website by Krisof Konings


HOW I BECAME A PATTERN Animation experiment for expo: ‘ Wie woont waar woont wie ‘. Nuchelenhof, Heppeneert Maaseik, 13 – 15 july 2012 Animated film about the transformation of different kinds of images, objects and liquids such as eg; diamond, pyrite, amethyst, aquarelle and digital prints. Final music and sounds will be placed and… Continue reading HOW I BECAME A PATTERN


TEASER KID VANILLA – KIDS COLLECTION Teaser for/ and in coörporation with, Eva Balg, founder of ‘Kid Vanilla‘. Many thanks to my friends who wanted to help me with the project: Maxime Hectors and Ilja Smets, music by Yannick Val Gesto. (Internship 2010)  


ONLINE BANNER: FFI, CREATIVITY WORLD FORUM Lay-out and design online banner for the 'Ffi', Flanders Fashion Institute', based Antwerp.