Behind the pictures




Behind The Pictures
Understanding Private Development Initiatives by Sara Kinsbergen
Art Directing, concept and lay-out for book thesis of Sara Kinsbergen.
Pictures used in the book were made by Sara.

From celebrities to multinational companies, from large charitable organisations to individual citizens, a diversified number of actors wants to contribute to the global fight against poverty, inequality and exclusion. This study focuses on the ‘next-door Madonnas and Bonos’ of today. These are the thousands of ordinary individuals that actively engage in the fight against poverty by starting their own small-scale, voluntary
development organisation.
We can see the results of their efforts in the pictures shown on their websites and in their leaflets. Schools and orphanages have been built or renovated, micro-credit programmes launched and
after-school programmes initiated.
But who are those individuals and what motivates them? Are private donors in favour of this type of development organisations? And what can be said on the sustainability of their development interventions? This study sheds a critical light on
the stories behind the pictures.
Many thanks to Sara for the pleasant cooperation.

Level.01 at Stockholm's, 3rd edition

Designer within a wide range of disciplines: Art-direction, styling, consultancy, graphics, identities, prints, visuals, art-works, and illustrations for various companies and projects.