student guide, Antwerp, 2014-2015

Antwerp Student Guide
Student guide, Antwerp 2014-2015

“The new edition of the unsurpassed Student Guide Antwerp is calling your name at our new place, Gate15. All the known ingredients and more: not-to-be-missed hotspots, fun neighbourhoods, new cafes & shops, culture for less than EUR 1.5, sports at student-friendly prices, a practical city map,… Published for and by students.”_Gate15

Art-direction, lay-out, photography, and illustrations for the new ‘Antwerp Students Guide 2014-2015’.
128 pages and available in English and Dutch.
City a city map is included.
Many thanks to the team of Gate15 for the pleasant collaboration!
Visit gate15 online:
Free copies are avalable at Gate15 (Kleine Kauwenberg 15) from 6 October!

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