Heat. Supply

HEAT.SUPPLY Online sneaker platform Heat.Supply is an online based sneaker platform founded by Tim Liu. “Throughout the years we have hands-on experience in selling and buying online, which could be unfortunatly quite a hassle sometimes. That is why we make it our mission to deliver a service that would be easy and convenient for buyer… Continue reading Heat. Supply


Slice Logo design for ‘Slice’, Social media agency, founded by Tim Thomaes Visit Slice online: www.slicebelgium.com


Laston & Geo - DJ's

Laston&Geo Logo design for Laston&Geo, two talented dj’s and friends located at Antwerp. The idea of the logo is based on the stereo- ‘pause’, ‘play’ and ‘record’ buttons, combined with with a loose and modern handwritten font logo. “They shared decks with deejays like Laidback Luke, Dada Life, Sound Of Stereo, The Glimmers,  The Subs, Discobar Galaxie, Geht’s Noch?, Aeroplane,… Continue reading Laston&Geo


Soekmekaar / Catering Art direction and creative design and lay-out for Soekmekaar Logo in cooperation With Lien Kockelbergh, Founder of Soekmekaar Copywriting by Liesbeth Vermaercke Photography by Eefje De Coninck Webdesign and development by Jules Hugal _ Visit website: www.soekmekaar.be


TINCO Creative design, logo development and corporate identity. Tinco consists out of a dynamic team of driven experts offering customized training, coaching and change-guidance to individuals, KMO’s and large companies. Many thanks to Tinco for the pleasant cooperation. _ www.tinco.be Website by Krisof Konings


TAPAS CITY House style/ corporate identity _ TAPAS ™ – which stands for Talent & Passion, is an organization which recognizes and gives space to develop ‘young’ talented and passionate employees within organizations and companies. _ www.tapascity.com Website by Krisof Konings