FALA Spring/Summer Collection 2014

Below The courtyard The inspiration for the new collection finds its origin in ancient greek motifs who are harmoniously combined with abstract sportive elements. The detailed prints are radiating a strong cultural and historical influence. The result is a flexible and individual luxury accessory, full of passion and energy. Jersy Modal: 15% silk and 75% modal Measurements: 165 cm x 145 cm.… Continue reading FALA Spring/Summer Collection 2014


HOW I BECAME A PATTERN Animation experiment for expo: ‘ Wie woont waar woont wie ‘. Nuchelenhof, Heppeneert Maaseik, 13 – 15 july 2012 Animated film about the transformation of different kinds of images, objects and liquids such as eg; diamond, pyrite, amethyst, aquarelle and digital prints. Final music and sounds will be placed and… Continue reading HOW I BECAME A PATTERN