Mythologie T-shirt

Mythology t-shirt design for tjunk

Mythologie T-shirt T-shirt design through Tjunk. With as caption: “…L’equivalent n’apparait nulle part dans la mythologie.” Now available online at! _ The t-shirt is available both for boys as for girls in different sizes. Price € 18 Classic Jersey T-shirt 100% combed cotton Jersey 150g. / 4.5 oz. Shop and information online at:


HOW I BECAME A PATTERN Animation experiment for expo: ‘ Wie woont waar woont wie ‘. Nuchelenhof, Heppeneert Maaseik, 13 – 15 july 2012 Animated film about the transformation of different kinds of images, objects and liquids such as eg; diamond, pyrite, amethyst, aquarelle and digital prints. Final music and sounds will be placed and… Continue reading HOW I BECAME A PATTERN